Training for an e-commerce giant

How A Change in Latitude Consulting (ACIL) helped one of the world’s top ecommerce players improve continuous improvement competencies

This ecommerce giant contracted with us through our partners at the University of South Florida (USF) Corporate Training and Professional Education.  We had worked with them previously on some training and they liked how we customize our curriculum to match the needs of our clients and provide instructors with decades of experience in both continuous improvement and training.  They also liked the interactive nature of the courses and the flexibility to do them in-person, live online or in a hybrid format.

The Challenge:

The client already had a strong culture of continuous improvement however they hire people every day to be part of the team and thus needed a way to quickly ensure that everyone was “speaking the same language” in terms of continuous improvement.  In addition, the client has a strong record of leaders being promoted within the organization which means that leaders routinely move from one site to another or between various roles throughout the organization.  This particular ecommerce site had a group of new leaders and wanted a way to ensure they all understood what continuous improvement is, how to leverage it and how to ensure that the fundamentals of continuous improvement thrived at their site.

The Results:

After meeting with the client to customize the course material, we delivered four live-online yellow belt courses over a three-week period.  Each course had between twenty and thirty people in it and included slides, videos, exercises and relevant stories told by expert instructors who had decades of experience developing and rolling out continuous improvement programs.  Students had the opportunity to ask questions and share their own experiences thus providing a unique hands-on learning environment done virtually.  Students received a certification from the University of South Florida as well as a digital badge.

All participants were leaders at various sites across the southeastern United States.  The training resulted in not only a more comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals but also a strong desire to leverage what was learned in their daily duties at work.  Feedback from students and their executive leadership was tremendous, they really enjoyed the customized content, with examples relevant to their industry.  In addition, the ability to see videos, ask questions and participate in team exercises made the course interesting and improved understanding of the material. As a result of the training, the organizations contracted to perform additional courses, this time at various levels such as lean six sigma green belt and black belt.

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