what we can do for you

We partner with you to transform your business through personalized, sustainable solutions. Every business can benefit from improving their processes to reduce waste, identify cost-saving alternatives, speed up lead times, and standardize commonly-repeated activities. Our consultants will equip your team with the resources, training, and knowledge to improve your business processes. We don’t offer a “one size fits all” approach, but customized solutions that most-benefit your unique organization, problem(s), and environment.

All trainees completing any of the continuous improvement courses will get a certificate from the University of South Florida, as well as a digital badge.

Continuous Improvement Training

At A Change in Latitude, we tailor-fit continuous improvement training to your organization and its certification requirements. Our world-class consultants provide a high level of continuous improvement training, including continuous improvement fundamentals, lean six sigma yellow belt, green belt and black belt courses.  During green and black belt courses, attendees will work on a real-world project as part of the course.

Continuous Improvement Support

We will work with teams within your organization to enhance their business processes and ensure all procedures align with the company’s high-level strategies and goals. Every initiative returns meaningful, long-term value and improves overall performance. We offer continuous improvement support that meets your needs, from conducting a full-scale continuous improvement deployment, servicing (master) black belts who operate as an extension of your team, to providing more-specific account/project support.

Project Management

Our world-class consultants collaborate with your team to lead projects from start to finish – identifying opportunities, developing sustainable strategies, and deploying those tactics. We can help create and improve your structure for project management and project portfolio management by weaving your culture, practices, and organizational goals and resources with our recommendations for structure, tools, and processes. Think of your projects as a portfolio of investments. We carefully prioritize and synergize all projects to ensure they align properly with the company’s strategic direction.



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3-6 Months

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"The tools our team learned are far more reaching than we could have hoped. It represents a firm stance on professional development for leaders in the workforce and cascades down the organization to all levels. This has instilled a change in the line of thought; not stopping at the symptom, questioning the environment, and implementing mechanisms of control. Sparking natural curiosity and providing the tools and knowledge of application supports our leadership principles and positions us more effectively to scale with growing business demands."