About Us

Our Story

In 2019, Shane and Susie Wentz founded A Change in Latitude Consulting (ACIL) to help organizations reach their “true north”. Years of working in the private and public sectors as change agents leading business transformations exposed them to the many challenges that businesses face today. Their desire is to make a meaningful impact on businesses of any size, across any industry, by implementing and coaching your team to sustainable change successfully.

Having worked with large business consulting firms in the past that provided cookie-cutter solutions, often with consultants green in their experience, they believed there could be a better approach to business consulting. So, on a sunny day at Clearwater Beach, A Change in Latitude Consulting was born.

Who We Serve

Our team is passionate about partnering with mid- to large-sized companies and non-profit organizations to improve their latitude – boost the bottom line. With decades of experience, we have served clients ranging from small non-profits to globally recognized Fortune 100 companies. Our impact extends across both private and public sectors in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, government, and retail.