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Who We Are

Founders Shane and Susie Wentz share a passion for helping their clients achieve success. Together, they provide unique complementary strengths, allowing them to deliver a holistic approach to business consulting.


Shane’s expertise is in business operations and process improvement. He focuses on evaluating current processes, collaborating with clients, and implementing sustainable processes. His background in leadership enables him to effectively coach and mentor mid-level managers to C-Suite Executives, as well as conduct interactive, engaging, and effective training for an organization’s most valuable asset – its employees.

Shane is recognized as an expert in the continuous improvement field. He is passionate about problem-solving, training and empowering employees, and working with stakeholders to improve organizations. His 25 years of leadership experience include achievements like being inducted into the Army’s Sergeant Audie Murphy Club (achieved by less than 1% of leaders), being selected as the Department of the Army Career Counselor of the Year (selected over 800 peers across the organization), and being awarded with the Department of the Army Leap Award for the #1 Enterprise Level Lean Six Sigma Project by the Secretary of the Army. Shane is the first Army-Enlisted Soldier to achieve Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification.

Shane has corporate experience in North America, Europe, and Asia with organizations like the United States Army, Nike, Siemens, and Radial.

Shane is a veteran, dad, and husband who loves to run, golf, and travel the world. His continuous improvement work has been featured on LinkedIn, other online publications, and on the Just in Time Café, Manufacturing Leaders, and Make it Right podcasts.


Susie’s expertise is about one thing: the customer. With a strong background in building relationships between internal and external customers, Susie fully understands the complexities of connecting with consumers to reach high adoption rates. She is also skilled at developing strategies to overcome potential roadblocks. Her diverse experience in marketing, sales, transactional operations, project management, and consumer experience provides Susie with a unique perspective.

Through targeted promotional techniques, she has helped generate more than $11 million in revenue. She has also saved companies millions of dollars due to her implementation of cost-effective solutions.

Susie also leverages continuous improvement strategies to deploy effective solutions for C-Suite Leaders and their teams. With a keen ability to understand exactly what consumers want, Susie translates her knowledge into effective marketing strategies to enhance operations and increase revenue.

Susie brings a unique approach to her clients, specializing in strategic planning to help propel leaders to success by maximizing their value proposition. She has a diverse background spanning corporate and government sectors. With a proven ability to assess the needs of leaders, companies, and their customers, she effectively creates solutions leading to unparalleled results. Susie has successfully improved processes, created efficiency solutions, and streamlined operations for enhanced growth.

Susie has worked for a handful of Fortune 100 companies. She is a veteran of the United States Army and has lived across the United States, and in Europe; she maintains valuable insight regarding local and global operations. Such experience allows her to fully understand universal strategies that work for Leadership Teams of all levels.



Ernie Arboles is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with an MBA from top-rated USC Marshall School of Business. He earned his Master Black Belt Accreditation after working to initiate GE’s Six Sigma Program at its premier media business, NBC. Ernie is a seasoned continuous improvement consultant, operating his own consultancy for the last 17 years, providing consulting, training, and leadership services to global Silicon Valley, financial, health, and manufacturing firms. He has 20+ years of operational experience running highly-complex, deadline-sensitive operations. He also served as a founding member of NBC’s first-ever Diversity Council, where he used Six Sigma tools to set up a comprehensive diversity inclusion program.

You can read more of his bio at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/erniearboles/