Training for large American non-profit

How A Change in Latitude Consulting (ACIL) helped America’s largest donor and volunteer supported mentoring company move forward in their journey of providing leadership training to their leaders.

This large non-profit organization reached out to us to support their journey in providing outstanding leadership training to their newly appointed executives.  The training was critical as these executives were new in their role and the scope of their work was immense.  Timely and relevant leadership training was needed as they stepped into their new roles.

The Challenge:

The client’s mission resonated immediately with ACIL team members.  We are extremely involved in the communities in which we live and work and the opportunity to support the organization in their efforts to provide life-changing mentors to kids around the country is closely aligned with our values.  We immediately met with key leaders within the organization to better understand the current culture, what they wanted to get out of the training and what other leadership training the participants had already received.  This information helped us to quickly customize a training plan that would be delivered in the coming weeks to over 50 executives located around the country.

The Results:

The executives had a lot of fun in the training and learned practical ways in which they could grow as leaders within the organization. They particularly enjoyed the training on emotional intelligence and being able to not only understand but apply the concepts of self-awareness and self-management.  Feedback also pointed to the instructor’s real-life stories from his time in the Army as a senior leader to various leadership lessons he learned and mastered with several Fortune 100 companies in the private sector. 

The training was extremely interactive, including videos by leadership experts like Daniel Pink, Simon Sinek and even clips from the popular show Ted Lasso.  As a result of the training, participants shared that they felt better equipped to build strong relationships with their team members that would allow them to build trusting teams while effectively leading their organization’s to record-breaking growth in the coming year. 

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