Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement to Thrive in the Covid-Era

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For much of the past two years, business leaders have been trying to prepare for the “what’s next”, during the pandemic. Businesses have experienced everything from lost revenue due to closure, a shortage in the labor market, and now inflation and supply chain issues.

As a business leader, your ability to remain agile will determine if you just survive or thrive.

Join Dr. Shane Wentz, from A Change in Latitude Consulting, for a fun and story-filled workshop on “Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement to Thrive in the Covid-Era Landscape” on Thursday, February 24, 2022.

Shane will be sharing some relevant research, personal experiences, and of course, fun stories about how organizations can build a culture of continuous improvement. These insights will help you attract and retain employees in this volatile labor market and leverage those employees (the true subject matter experts) to deliver bottom line savings across the business!

Over the past 15 years, Dr. Wentz has been on the frontlines of helping organizations like Amazon, Siemens, eBay Enterprises, and the US Army leverage continuous improvement to solve problems, increase employee engagement, and improve the bottom line.

We invite you to register below.

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